Bring Back The Grat!

No bad service. No complaining. Just people who don’t respect what we do, or just don’t understand tipping.

‘”The lady handed it to me with the biggest grin and said, ‘Everything was perfect, we will definitely be back!'”

 I said, “That’s what I’m afraid of,” and laughed and she assumed I was joking around because I cut up with them all evening. I was serious.


  1. I have been a server for 17 plus years. I agree bring grad back. There was a 50 top come in the resturant were I work the bill was over 500$ and two servers took care of them gave excellent service. When it was time to pay the bill the man claimed they wet from a federal school and it was against the law to tip. The gm who happened to b standing close heard this and confronted the man and let him know the servers had to tip out and pay taxes on their. Bill that he had to tip or she would add the grad, he tipped 60$ and two servers had to split it so 30$ a piece. This is crap and if our gm wouldn’t have spoke up for us they would have left zero. This is not right and I don’t see how anyone would think its ok to not tip your server after giving 50 ppl great service. Ppl suck. Gratitude need to come back because crazy ppl that think its ok not to tip. These ppl should b made to wait tables and see what its like to work for free. Much love for servers. Tessa Mcghee

    • You don’t work for free! You work at the rate that was set and agreed on by you and your employer. You’re not doing extra work, you agreed on the tasks that was given to you and the expectations. Tips are a plus. A lot of countries don’t accept tips.
      I work as a therapist and I accept tips but I don’t expect them because that’s just a plus.

      • You’re only partially correct. You work for a rate set by your employer, that is with the understanding that most civilized people know that the culture in The United States dictates that gratuity goes to a server, I don’t expect someone who has clearly never worked in the service industry, or as someone as unethical to be a therapist and take tips from people who are mentally ill and at times can’t even function without help. (Are you such a good therapist that people who are mentally ill go “Oh my God, you’re so good, here is some extra cash? I only ask this because as someone who has a few friends with crippling mental illnesses are unable to function successfully, hence they have trouble with jobs, hence they don’t have a bunch of money. So again… you take these people’s “tip” and that is ethical?)

        Now, a good therapist makes $100 or more an hour, so lets use logic and assume you make $40 or as I am willing to make a bold assumption… you are an intern who offers therapy sessions and people occasionally throw you a few dollars. Anyhow, if you’d like to have this conversation, for one year you can work for $10 an hour and then hope someone else tips you the rest of your fee.

        As for some countries not accepting tips, you’re correct. But in those countries the service staff is paid a livable wage, not $3.15 an hour. The meals also cost a lot more in those countries, because the staff is paid more. Now, I don’t expect you to know this, because working as a therapist for $10 an hour plus tips must be difficult, but if you ever make it to a place like Aruba, you’ll learn that the entire country places an auto-grat of 18% on every dinner bill. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you simply do an internet search of this before you continue commenting on subjects you know little to nothing about.

      • You are incorrect. The federal government expects that I will be tipped at least 10% . I have to claim at least 10% of my SALES as tips. If someone does not tip, I am still taxed as if they did. That being said I end up paying on the back end for you to drink/eat if you don’t tip.

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