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Over the past few days, I’ve received a lot of articles involving a Craig’s List… I don’t know, statement… Article. Something.

Some are articles from websites talking about it, some were links to the Craig’s List itself.

Here’s one example:

Now, in my first article, I ripped apart someone who said servers need to be replaced by computers.

The door swings both ways, I’m an asshole, but I’m a fair asshole.

The post on Craig’s List rips apart customers for slowing down the service at restaurants, while the original findings by the “firm” put the blame squarely on the workers for being undertrained and inattentive. I agree cell phones, and social networking and ignorance have indeed hampered interaction with our customers, and added distractions, but I feel that’s a two-way street. It is as bad with some industry workers as it is with customers, and they (customers) are not the ones working.

With that said, I think this article brought up some really good points, but what I’m calling bullshit on is the presentation of it.

I believe this is just someone who wanted to make some good points, but I believe they created a study to do so, and any real look at the numbers presented proves that.

Point 1 – You’re going to take time, and spend money on hiring a “firm” to investigate… But instead of posting the findings on an actual website, or with a magazine, you use Craig’s List? (My friend and page member Paul pointed out that it is possible the owner did not want to have their, or their restaurant’s name, included in any of this, and that is why it was posted in the way it was.)

Point 2 – This firm only found shortcomings in the way the workers were trained, and missed everything the customers were doing wrong, yet going back to this footage, the workers found all these faults in the customers? This is like an Anti-Bar Rescue (which I’d watch). Not one member of staff did anything wrong according to any of the footage?

Point 3 – Why hire a firm? If you were able to watch some surveillance tapes to obtain this information yourself, why did you bother with a firm?

Point 4 – Have you ever seen surveillance footage from 10 years ago? Hell from 2… Or yesterday. I’m supposed to believe it’s watchable? And watchable enough to gather data? Is an owner willing to hire a firm to investigate this type of thing going to let employees look at all the footage, or do it themselves?

Point 5 – The date they changed out their old system for a new one just happened to be almost exactly 10 years apart? They kept their old system for 10 years? Maybe this place has horrible management if that’s how they’re utilizing their storage. The monthly lease for any business in NYC is astronomical, you need to utilize every inch… Not store obsolete equipment.

Point 6 – Please tell me if I’m wrong, but these numbers are unrealistic:

20% of the customers sent the food back to be reheated? Did it come out warm to start with? It usually stays hot for a while.

50% asked the waiter to take a group photo? Come on! Possible? Maybe. Realistic? No. And on the day they are doing this “study.”

(Again, Paul pointed out that this type of behavior is common in New York City. Though I still think the frequency of these instances is way too high to believe, he does have more experience in NYC than I do, and wanted to include his comment in this.)

All the points I’ve posted above just make me think it’s completely made up. The numbers and situation just do not make any sense.

If you’re going to bullshit a study, at least use semi-believable statistics.

I think the points brought up in this are valid (in most instances), but the way they presented makes the lies more obvious.

If they would have presented it, in a thought piece, “This is what I believe is slowing down service” or by doing an actual observation, the facts and process would show and be more believable.

I honestly think this is just an industry worker who is frustrated with the way technology is effecting the service industry today, or by the way a firm may or may not have critiqued them, and needed to get their frustration out there.



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