Horseshoes and Hand Grenades…

2 guys sit down and they look like father and son. The son orders a Coors Light and the dad orders a Bud Light.

The son looks under 30, so I ID him… Well, actually I ID him because he has a BRIGHT orange flat bill baseball hat on also.

He hands me an Oklahoma ID. I look at it, and the date says under 21 until 11/04/14. I put it up to the light to make sure the 11 isn‘t a 10 so I say, “Ya got a few days don’t ya bud?”

His response, with a snotty under age attitude, “What do I have like 4 days?… That’s close enough isn’t it?”

So I tell him “You actually have like 7 days and close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades so we have Pepsi products or tea, which would you like?”

He orders a Dr. Pepper and crosses his arms and gives his dad the “pouty” face like a 4 year old that was just put in time out.

So I bring his Dr. Pepper in a “kids” cup he says “what’s up with the cup?”

I say, “If your going to act like a kid I’m going to give you a kids cup.”

The dad laughs hysterically and tips me 35% when they get done with dinner.

Wtf is wrong with people!?!

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