“Oh, You Own a Business?”

I don’t understand how people can come in and treat us like shit, tip us like shit, and then try and get us to use their businesses.

I know everyone assumes we are scum- sucking drug addicts, but but it’s their own ignorance that is costing them money. Not only will I not use someone’s business who acts like that/treats us like shit, I go out of my way to make sure everyone knows.

A note to anyone who sees this that isn’t in the service industry:

We have bills. We pay them. We make money. Most of us really good money. We get our money every night, so there’s a good chance that we are way better at budgeting than some people who get a weekly paycheck.

We use mechanics, cleaners, doctors, computer repair people, accountants… The list can go on. And chances are, we have more money to play with than a lot of your customers.

My first house was bought from a real estate agent I met at my bar. My doctor? He was a customer. My mechanic? Yup. Him too. The guy that painted my house? You guessed it.

They came in. They were polite and treated me like a human. They got exceptional service, and tipped well. They all had that act repaid by me, way more than they’ll ever tip me. (Except my real estate agent… That son of a bitch drinks and tips a lot. He’s also going to see this and laugh.)

My point? Please, please come the fuck in my bar, treat me like shit, tip me like shit, and then tell me what your business is and that I should use it.

Believe me, this page is proof, the service industry is one huge, dysfunctional, amazing family. We’ll let everyone know how you treat us. We’re also a bit crazy… We’ll go out of our way to make sure no one uses your business.

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