“Thank You so Much! Oh, I Have Cellulite? Fuck You.”

So a woman comes in and her group runs up a $190 tab. Then, she tips me $5, but leaves me this…



So, I responded with this e-mail, and yes, I told my boss I was going to:

Thank you so much Kate for blessing me with your cellulite pamphlet. How incredibly sweet and endearing. I bet you do a lot of business this way.

Unfortunately with 3% tips I can’t afford to get these cellulite wraps, and neither can my coworkers. We actually have to live off of tips that customers give us.

What a concept. I know it’s hard for some people to grasp.

Even with the amazing discount you gave me, alas I still can’t afford it, because, well, I don’t pay my mortgage with 3% tips or with business cards from people who leave them and expect me to give them business.

Now, if I received adequate compensation, I may have been able to spread the word about your company. But again, I just can’t afford to do so.

But thank you so much for thinking of me and letting me know that you believe that under my fabulous uniform I’m laden with cellulite.

On top of the great tip, it just made my day!


  1. No… Being a hypocrite would be me saying that I never use the services of someone who comes in with a business card. If you would have actually read the story, you would have seen that I actually do find businesses that way.

    If you would have actually read, and understood, the story, you also would know that the problem here was the person left a 3% tip, thus disrespecting the bartender, so that is why we said what we did.

    Now, if you also tip like shit… Which I’ll assume that you either tip like shit, work for the same or similar company as the one in the flyer above, or both… And don’t get much business… Maybe it’s because you disrespect people before giving them your business card.

    If you are having trouble with business, I could suggest a service industry job… The money is great, but the work is a lot harder than handing out business cards and misunderstanding the moral behind stories you skim over.

  2. The bartender is right. How dare you & your group go anywhere and represent the company brand in that manner?!?!? Sad that you even responded after you blatantly disrespected this woman. Shame on you!

  3. Ok this has to be one dumb person how do you tip 3% then insult somebody by leaving that for them. It would be one thing if you had talked about what you did and they showed interest but just to drop it and leave a well let’s say it sh*t tip. When you work in the service industry tips are most if not all of your pay. I now work a job were word of mouth my business card ect are a big part of my customer base so I would never just drop my card without some kind of conversation about my job. And I would never leave a tip like that. You may as well slapped them in the face. And to expect them to do business with you after that you are some kind of special. Hope you don’t return to that establishment Because if it was me that would be your worst experience ever. But what do I know I only worked in a bar and managed one for ten year’s……….take your 3% and buy a fn clue

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