Four Englishmen Teach Geography Class.

A few years ago, I’m getting ready to shut down so I turn all TV’s and music off because silence is golden. The only people I have left at my bar are a group of four English guys and a random girl who was there alone.

I can hear their conversation now, and they’re asking her what else will be open, and she tells them it’s late, and everything closes now.

The guys say something along the lines of, “It’s early to us. It’s about 7 AM where we live so we’re just getting up usually.”

She doesn’t understand.

“You’re telling me that it’s a different time where you live than it is here?”

They attempt to explain time zones and the Earth orbiting the Sun and everything. She doesn’t believe them. (About the time zones, hopefully she knows the Earth orbits the Sun.)

One of them says, “You know different parts of America have different times? It’s only 11 PM in California you know?”

She thought he was lying.

You can’t fix stupid.

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