Get Ready for a Bad Yelp Review!

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Tonight pretty much every entitled kid with daddy’s credit card came to my bar tonight, already wasted.

My “favorite” group stumbled in and ordered 2 of the most expensive beers on the menu ($13 a pop), 5 cookies and a local beer.

Of course, their friend (who I refused to serve) accused me of stealing his credit card, and then knocked over our menu stand as he stumbled out the door to go to the last bar that kicked him out, where he had clearly left his card.

When he returned, he demanded to know why my bartner and I wouldn’t serve him, and after we explained it to him 8 times (8 times too many, in retrospect), he pulled out the big guns.

On his way out the door, he screamed:

“You won’t serve me? Get ready for a bad yelp review!!!!

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