The Lean

“The lean.”

Am I the only one that finds the lean just as fucking rude and annoying as a whistle and a bottle tap or a “hey”?

I split my time between a dive bar and a high-end hotel-lounge bar. I catch myself forgetting where I am getting ready to tell a doctor to go ram a bottle up his ass.

But the lean. Drives me insane. Yes I can sense you leaning half way over the bar trying to get my intention. Practically breathing into my well.

Yes I’m quite obviously ignoring you as I’m trying to complete a twelve-drink craft-cocktail order for my cocktail waitress.

The thought crosses my mind… If I lift my head up quick enough, will the back of my head break your entitled nose.

Can I take this muddler, ram it into your ear hole, and muddle your pompous entitled brains out the other side.

The lean.

I need an electrified bar top. FML.
Fucking leaners.
I love my job.


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