I Don’t Want To Pay For A Double.

So for people who don’t believe the light ice and splash of mixer stories are just a lame way of asking for more alcohol here is a story for you.

In front of my GM the other day a guy literally just straight up asks “what do I have to say to get a double but not get charged for one?”

After my laughter in his face stopped he proceeds to tell me lines he has used before.

And well you guessed it “light ice” was his go to.

If I ever get this pathetic I’ll just check myself into AA. Fuck cheap asses. If you’re gonna be a drunk at least be able to pay for your habit.


  1. When I’m out at a work event I order a tall rum and coke, easy ice, because I want a weak drink. I like to stay sober when the bosses are not. How should I order?

    • Add the term single to it. “I’d like a tall rum and coke, single, light ice.” It lets me know you don’t expect more, like saying, “Hey, I’m asking for and know what I’m getting and don’t expect free.”

      I’m a fast drinker, so I order a “Tall vodka soda, single.”

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