That Is One Way To Help Your Server.

I’m working the Redbull Aces Wingsuit Races event this weekend and got carried along with a huge group of half drunk athletes to a local BBQ joint.

You could see the poor server’s face just fall when we walked in and shit just rolled downhill from there.

It culminated with him going in a swinging door as another came out with a full tray of food. As we watched him basically crumble with stress, I decided, screw this, I’m gonna fix a bad situation before it goes further.

Walked back in and handed him a $100, “You’re killing it, I know it sucks, take a breath.”

He asked if I was sure, I said absolutely… Our food just came out flawlessly and he is so much more relaxed, it’s totally worth it.

We’ve all been there.

Stay Angry.

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