The Wine Snob.

“What kind of wine do you have?”

“Well would you like red or white?”

“What brand?”

“Depends on the wine, what kind of wine are you looking for?”

“Depends on the brand!”

“They all have different brands, tell me what kind or at least if you want red or white and I can tell you all the kinds and their brand.”

“I choose my wine by the brand….You have White Zin?”

“Yes it’s Sutter Home.”

“I want that, I’m an extreme wine snob!”

(Really bitch?? Sutter Home?? It’s like ordering a Miller Lite and saying your a beer snob!! I hand her a glass of White Zin, she pays and I take the next customer)

**snap snap snap**

“Hellllloooooooo… This is NOT white!!”

“Oh I thought wine snobs knew the basics. Like how White Zin is a blush…”

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