Yes, Please Make Fun Of My Disability, Asshole.

He’s a story from my night. 13 years bartending and this scenario (while isolated to only a small portion of bartenders) always pisses me off.

So a random comes in tonight. He tries to order a drink from me by asking for “that one blue drink”. I explain to him that I am colorblind, and while I know that it had to have Blue Curacao in it, he’s going to need to give me a drink name.

He thinks it’s funny that I’m colorblind.

A while later, he orders another drink. I make and deliver the drink. He then stops me….

HIM: This drink isn’t the right color of yellow!

ME: …You know… You’re right! That drink is a particularly odd shade of fuck you, isn’t it!?

I don’t care if it is the holidays. I’m not changing my attitude!

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