An Extra Special Valentine’s Day Rant

Okay… Let’s see.

Fuck those people. You know, all those mother fuckers.

The fucks who don’t understand I’m not serving them. No ma’am, you’re fucking slurring and I’m not going to serve you. Oh, you’ll have my job? Please, take it. Maybe you can do a day’s work while not on your fucking knees you fucking bitch.

Oh, you need to “figure out” why your card is declined. Here’s why asshole, you have no fucking money. Fuck you too. Shit-stain.

To the guy who got arrested, I’d say it’s cool, your date will bail you out… Except she was making out with some random guy about 15 minutes after you got walked away in cuffs. Fuck you. Well, you are in jail so. (P.S. Fuck your ma.)

Fuck the 10%ers. Fuck the budget ballers. Good assholes, get your tax return and blow it all on some whore for Valentine’s Day weekend. I’d rather you get it all out of the way now than let your fucking money last, plus Valentine’s Day and venereal disease go hand in hand for you judging by the $7 whore you brought in.

Oh, yes, my prices are too high? You got your tax return and still can’t afford my fucking bar. Jesus doesn’t hate you… He pities you. But Buddha, Mohammed and Shiva… They think you’re fucking twat-crust.

And finally, to the “what can I get you?” and you give me the blank fucking stare like you can’t answer that question because no one loved you enough to make sure you could person correctly… It’s probably because no one loved you enough to teach you how to person.

Fuck you all.

Actually, one more fuck you. If you feel like saying “Oh, well if it bothers you that much maybe you should get a new job and …” If what I say here bothers you so much just fucking unlike the page. I could give two shits and will continue to vent as much as I want because that’s what we do here and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

As for the rest of you beautiful bastards… It’s about group shot time. Let’s say shots up at 3:25 Eastern time. I’ll post it here.

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