Dear Once A Month Customer

Dear dude I see maybe once a month…

You know I’m going to get a card from you, so that little disappointing look in your eye when I ask for a card is just annoying and sad.

I understand you’re going to pay cash at the end. I remember. Just like you walked up, I greeted you and asked “gin and tonic,” because I knew what you drank. I’m quite proficient at my job.

But no, you have not reached the level where you get a tab with no card. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way, you clearly are uncomfortable with me holding a card, well I’m uncomfortable with not holding one.

There is a remedy to all this, since you’re just going to pay cash anyway, just pay as you go. It’s really that simple, pay as you go or start a tab… Properly, and with a card.

You’re unhappy with leaving a card, that doesn’t mean the customer is right and just gets a tab with no card, it means you man-up and leave a card, or pay cash. You want to protect yourself, I get it, guess what? So. Do. I.

Drinking is a privilege, not a right, and so is starting a tab.

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