Everything Evens Out.

I’m in an area that Hurricane Matthew effected badly. We lost power in most of my county for several days. I live just down the road from the bar I work at, so I was able to check on it for my owner, who lives further away and was without power and had limited road access to the bar as well.

The bar, and luckily most of my neighborhood, got power back pretty quickly, at least compared to a lot of the surrounding areas. My owner was worried about damages to her home, so I offered to open up and they were actually really thankful. I figured that not only would I prefer to be working, but maybe anyone without power could come charge phones, etc., plus I would be helping my owner, who I adore, out by maybe making some money to help with any damages.

Well I open up, turn the sign on, and post on Facebook for anyone that was able to check it. It was just me, but I wasn’t expecting to be too busy. I’m not much of a cook, but I cut the fryers on incase someone wanted some food, and figured I could mess that up too badly.

I ended up with a few customers, all thankful to be able to come in and have a drink or get some food.

Well, all but one.

As soon as he walked in I almost regretted opening. It’s just the one customer that always complains. Well, he has a few beers and I ask him if he’d like anything else, to which he says that he’s done for the night. (Thank God)

I go print out his tab and he says “You’re charging me?”

I think he’s joking, or I hope, but then he says,

“You should just be happy I came here! Maybe you didn’t notice but there was a hurricane!”

He grumbles some more, pays, and leaves. No tip either, go figure.

It just ruined my mood. I can’t stand entitled people and I’m never in the mood for him anyhow.

Well, luckily for my mood, two of my regulars come in about 10 minutes later with a plate of food. They said they saw my Facebook post and they figured I could use someone cooking for me. I bought their first two rounds and it really just made my night and made me feel better about opening up.

The timing was great because sometimes you need that reminder that for everyone person you would rather never wait on again, there’s two people you can’t wait to get to serve again.

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