Tip Your Event Bartenders!

I work for a very large staffing company and tonight I worked an 8 hour wedding, in which I had to prepare specialty drinks for the bride and groom, and serve 100+ people at an all night open bar.

I was told no tip jar because the wedding planner would “take good care” of me.

After the cocktail hour, I was told I had 15 minutes to move my entire set up to the main area of the wedding. I had to haul 30 or so bottles of wine, 2 kegs, and about 20 various bottles of liquor to the new setup.

Throughout the night many of the guests offered me a tip, but I had to refuse as it was in the contract.

The end of the night comes along and the wedding planner hands me a $10 and 2 $5’s and said she looked forward to hiring us again…

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