The Humanitarian Award Goes to…

From a page member:

So, these two well-dressed middle-aged men are drinking Captain and Cokes.

Other side of the bar, two hookers..

The previous man talking to the girls split a bottle of Cristal with them… So when they moved to talk to these two guys, the guys offer to buy them some drinks. Naturally, they order Cristal. I look at the men, and say “the ladies want Cristal, is that OK with you?”

After an hour and a half of flirting and two bottles of Cristal the girls realize the guys aren’t going to take them upstairs.

So, they leave.

The guys ask for check.

I present it and walk away.

The older of the two walks around the bar and demands a manager and explains that it’s “absolutely absurd to charge $150 for a glass of champagne!” (I was charging by the glass because they were ordering by the glass)

Management has left by this point so I’m stuck having to deal with it myself….

I chatted with them and made it clear that at no point did I intentionally do anything to make them feel ripped off. Blah blah blah.

Anyways, at the end of it all I changed the charge to the bottle price to “save” them some money and comped everything but the bottles, which was negligible.

And they did at least tip.

The irony of the entire thing, they guys were in town for a human trafficking fundraiser.

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