12 Year Old Me Wins.

I go to check on a couple, they were eating. They’re older, I’d say at least 60, and the gentleman of the pair ordered a big ass sandwich. So, I ask if they want to take it to go:

“Want a box for that?”

“Yeah, a big box because it’s huge.”

So, 12 year old me is like “do it.”

And level-headed me is like… “they’re old, this isn’t a good idea.”

12 Year old me: “DO IT.”

Me: “Yeah. When it’s that much meat, you need a big box to stick it in.”

In my head: “Dammit, I just offended an elderly couple.”

Then it happens:

The Gentleman: “That’s what she said!”

The Lady: “Yeah I did.”

Well, my night is made!

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