Steak Night.

Steak night.

Steak dinners are on discount.

A woman asked for one. Medium-well.
After I put the order in, she flags me down because (according to her) we always overcook our steak. So she asks me to change it to a medium.

I asked if she’s sure…

She is.

So I go to the kitchen and change the temperature on the order.

The steak comes… She cuts it in half: It’s a perfect medium. She asks me to grab a side plate, which I do. She puts the larger half of the steak on the plate and asks me to have it cooked longer: She’s complaining that it is undercooked. I explain to her that she asked me to change it to medium, and that’s how it was cooked.

“I know what I said. Please cook it longer.”

I’m not a chef, but I know that after a steak rests and is cut in half, putting it back on the grill will ultimately ruin it. I try to explain that to her, but she insists that we just cook it longer.

After explaining the situation the cook (She ordered medium, but expected him to overcook it to medium-well), he laughs and puts it back on the grill for roughly 1-2 minutes on each side.
The woman eats most of it, but ultimately says she can’t finish it.

Once cashed out, she writes “Worse steak ever!!” on the receipt.

Recap: Woman wants a medium-well steak, but asks me to change it to a medium because she thinks it will be overcooked. When it is not overcooked, she complains it is undercooked. Although I warn her it won’t work out well, she insists that we put it back on the grill. Then she claims its awful.

Le sigh.

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