Just One Day.

You we’ve had that conversation where it’s either like:

We’ve always said we need a day where all bars close and we just get a day to drink, together as one big industry, and one where customers can serve us and see what it’s like.

Or we get one day a year (maybe month) where we can say what we want to one person, maybe, just maybe even take it up a bit to a purge thing?

I’ve changed my mind.

Here’s all I want:

Just one day, a day where we only pour drinks.

That’s it. Hear me out.

You know those people who believe “all we do is pour drinks”?

Let them have that. Let them see.

“Oh my god, there’s a brawl and someone is beating up my boyfriend! Help them!”

-hands then a beer-

“I’m having a really bad day, I need to talk about my problems. My job is shit, and I think my wife is cheating on me.”

-gives them a drink, walks off-

“Hey, can I get the Atlanta game on this TV and the L.A. game on…”

-hands them a water and points to the remote-

“I can’t have, and don’t really know what gluten is… what do you…”

-gives a glass full of ice cubes, you say “google” and walk off-

“There is no toilet paper in the ladies room!”

“Okay, use the 3 shells.”


-looks around- “she doesn’t know how to use the 3 shells!”

-laughs, hands her a glass of water-

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