The 4 Top Of Teenagers.

From a page member:

So today I took a 4 top of teenagers (I’m big in treating them like adults) and I could not regret it.

Took care of them like any other table, bill time, 4 separate tabs. I have them out they all give me cards. Cash them out, thank them and let it be. One is in the bathroom and 5 minutes pass and two of them leave. One guy waits for his friend to get out of the bathroom patiently. As I’m checking on other tables I notice him looking at the signed bills and then opening his wallet up to look at his cash. All I’m thinking is he’s gonna leave a cash tip. 2 minutes later he goes to check on his buddy in the bathroom and I grab signed checks off the table, under his book is an extra $5 tip, he had already given me $5 on his $19 bill. At that point I realized he hide/left the extra $5 to make up for his friend the didn’t tip and his other friend that left me 10%.

I was glad to catch him before he left with the 4th person (that he was telling what to leave for a tip)to tell him thank you and that he didn’t have to do that. (Meaning not make up for his friends tipping badly). His response to me was perfect, “you’re welcome and I did and thank you”.

Like any server when I see teenagers I think mommy and daddy gave them a card to use and they have a limit so I’m gonna get shit tipped.


I always give them equal service, cause you might get screwed but you might not.

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