Hire For Looks.

From a page member:

I’ve been training this new girl for 3 days now. She’s a ding-bat and not capable of bartending at all but my boss won’t let her go because she’s pretty (he hires for looks not skills).

Today I decided I wasn’t going in on my day off again. I called and told her to just call me if she needed any help. She calls me at lunch time and asks me how to make a shot of Patron, 30 minutes later asking what kind of liquor goes in a Bloody Mary, and about 10 minutes later asking how to make a Captain and Coke.

At this point I realized I had to go in cause she’s obviously not able to work on her own. I walk into the bar and she is dancing on the post in the middle of the bar like it’s a stripper pole for the customers.

I immediately call my boss and tell him what’s going on, his reply, and I quote “well she’s not hurting anybody and hell, it might bring in some extra money”.

I just can’t anymore.

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