“You overserved them!”

So I shared a post last night with a hard to read tip…

And a bunch of people who clearly knew the exact situation commented: “over-served.”

This was my reply, and fuck those people:

Here’s what kills me about the “over-served” comments:

First, no one fucking asked. No really. You want to teach lessons, go be a “mixology instructor” at some fucking bartending school.

What, you’ve never had someone who could hide it, until boom, on his 4th drink he goes from functional to sleeping?

Never had someone have one drink, be fine, go to the bathroom and “not take pills”’and then one more drink in they’re speaking gibberish?

What fucking fantasy bartending job do you work at, or do you simply work at one where after 3 drinks you can’t serve anyone anything else because it’s “company policy”, which funny enough tend to be the same people who don’t give a fuck how their customers get home.

Second, you all must be a joy to work with. People make mistakes, hell, maybe you’re working with 2 other bartenders, and it’s busy, and you served her 2 wines, but so did everyone else. Somehow it’s never your fault though.

Third, the one thing everyone thinks is a BS statement, “maybe it was more than one person and maybe they just got food.”

Never happens huh? Sure does, work somewhere where you can be proud of what your kitchen puts out and maybe you’ll experience this.

And finally, you’ve never had just some asshole, who isn’t hammered, scribble on a slip like this?

Makes me question where, how long, and if you’ve ever actually bartended.

I was always taught to back my own, mistakes or not. Whatever belief you guys are going on… I bet it gets you real far. Enjoy becoming the manager “who was a bartender” who can’t even figure out how to write out a schedule without help while you pop vicodin and pass out, though seemed fine, after your third drink.

Fucking judgmental, uninformed, sorry-ass fucks.

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