The Valentine’s Day Cunt.

From a page member:

Had to share this because it was just so obnoxious and strange.

Ridiculously slammed because it was Valentine’s Day. A 6 top comes in, no reservation, of course. Long story short, all entrees come with a salad and this one lady ordered hers with dressing on the side.

Running around like crazy, forgot to put the dressing on the side and this woman literally has a conniption over the dressing being on the salad.

But, she doesn’t say anything directly to me, but tells the rest of her party repeatedly under her breath “I can’t believe there’s dressing blah blah blah.”

Obviously, I would have no problem remaking her salad, IF she asked me.

But instead when I went back a minute later to see if everyone was enjoying everything she had unscrewed the top of the pepper shaker and dumped it into her salad saying “it just came off, ruining my salad. Can you make me a new one with the dressing on the side….”

So not only did I make her salad over, but I had to refill the fucking pepper shaker while being completely slammed.

PSA: servers are not perfect, please don’t stage a “mishap” just to avoid telling me I made a mistake.

PS, she immediately dumped said dressing directly on salad!

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