You Think I Did Something Wrong?

It’s like this:

Me: “Hi guy I’ve never seen before, what can I get you?”

Total Stranger: “I’ll take a trendy drink.”

Me: “Okay, here you go, would you like to start a tab?”

Total Stranger: “Yes, my name is Mike.”

Me: “Okay Mike, I’ll just need a credit or debit card for a tab, but you can pay differently when you tab out!”

Total Stranger: “THAT’S RIDICULOUS, I’ll PAY CASH!”

Me: “Okay, it’ll be $6.75.”

-Slams down $7 and walks off-

So, in summary, if you think anything I did was wrong?

Fuck you.

If you think the guy I don’t know should get a tab with zero collateral, also, fuck you.

If you think his quarter tip was acceptable because I required a card for a tab…

Take your knuckles. 3 of choice. Jam them in your mouth. Then set your arm on fire.

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