A Dummy for a Dummy.

From a page member:

The best videos are sometimes work footage. After closing Tuesday and everyone had gone, I watched the screen as a woman in a sun dress casually walked right into the restaurant, go behind the bar, take a bottle off the shelf and out it in her backpack.

Our restaurant (apart from at the host stand), has a short barrier around the dining area. That’s about it. It’s in the airport, no doors needed, right? Instead of walking back the way she came, she proceeded to swing her leg over the 3 foot barrier, causing the bottle to drop and smash all over the floor.

Did that deter her? Nope. Went right back behind the bar and grabbed a second bottle.

The crew who cleans our restaurant in the morning saw all this, called the cops, and she was arrested. Stealing anything at the airport?

And the greatest part? We have to lock up our liquor at the end of every night. She gets a felony for stealing a dummy bottle.

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