I Fixed Yelp!

So, I can fix Yelp!, I can.

It’s easy. Each account must be verified. You have to keep a valid license/ID on file. Also, your place of employment must be up to date, and that has to be public. Big Baller at Yo Homey, and Stay At Home Aunt are not real occupations, sorry fam.

Also, when you post a negative comment, you have to state how many times you’ve visited the establishment before. If it’s more than 2, you have to leave a minimum of 250 words as to why you came back, and why you didn’t leave a positive, or any, review before.

More importantly, in order to leave a review, a picture of you, and a GPS location, at the time of posting must accompany said review.

I mean, sure getting rid of filters would remove 80% of Instagram models and that would be fun, but this is God’s work. Doing this would remove 98% of reviews and raise most establishment’s scores by like 3/4-1 star. Minimum.

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