Last Call For The Industry Asshole.

So, this is less than 10% of us, hell 5%, and even that may be over-shooting it.

But, there are a lot of people in the service industry who are ignorant as to why we don’t come to visit them when they’re working.

So, listen. If you are wondering this, I’m going to let you in on a bit of an industry secret:

When you get good drinks and service, and leave less than 20%… every, single, time. You’re a shitty person, and you don’t deserve our money.

That’s not a drunk math error when it is consistent. And if you’re getting service that deserves such a sub-standard tip, and you’re such an “industry VIP” and all, why the fuck do you come to our bars?

Oh, I’ll wait. I’d love to hear this. Oh, you have no excuse, huh?

That’s why you don’t get our 30, 40, and 50% tips…

A lot of us just pass the money around, and you’ll never get that. And by get that, I mean understand that, and that you’ll never get our actual money.

And you need to fucking hear this.

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