Table For One.

From a page member:

I’d like to tell a bartender story. What we do is important. Anyone that takes beverages seriously is on my team.

We had a man that would sit in my lounge in Vegas year after year. Table for 2 but only him. He’d order 2 drinks, the best wine on the menu. One round. 40 dollars a glass.

Year after year I saw him alone at one table. This was calendar. Every time, same day, every year. I was curious as I hope all you bartenders are. So I took his 80 dollars of wine to his table the last time I served him and sat down as I delivered it. I said “Sir, you come in here the same day for years and sit with drinks for two, but you sit alone?”

His response was “This was the last place, last table I sat at with her before she died. It was our last date, so I come here every year because it’s my last beautiful memory of her.”

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