Did you check the bathroom?

A group of 4 guys and a, separate, group of 7 girls all enter my bar tonight.

They’re all early 20’s across the lot. At some point one girl and one guy goes missing. The remaining 6 girls freak out and start frantically searching for their lost friend, everywhere.

The parking lot. Nope.

The game room. Nope.

The dance floor. Sorry.

Even the parking lot again. 

No luck.

One of the group of four guys pays the tab for his missing friend without missing a beat, and says to me that it’s all good, he’ll find his friend at some point.

Then, all of a sudden, both missing persons emerge from the men’s room.

The girl is met by 6 angry females, they were screaming and crying an generally losing composure, while on the other hand, the guy proceeds to dance the most blissful dance ever witnessed, rolling hands and hip gestures, all to the cheers and applause of his 3 amigos.

Then they all left on their separate ways.

Beautifully witnessed from my point of view.

12 years in the business and I still enjoy spectating human interaction.

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