Can I borrow your phone?

A story from a page member:

A woman had a seizure in the middle of our restaurant, and while most people tried to be helpful, or at least let people try and help her, one woman kept trying to film what was going on.

Our owner asked her to stop 2 or 3 times and she just kept going. This random guy had just cashed out at my bar, walks up to her, grabs the phone, and smashes it on the floor, and exchanged a few words with her, and just walks out the door like nothing happened.

She is just frozen, like she had been slapped in the face, which I’m sure she would have prefered.

The woman finally looks around and starts yelling at my owner about her phone while everyone else is concerned about the person who matters, you know the one on the floor who suffered a seizure.

Finally she said “that man destroyed my property! Call the police!”

My owner goes “sure, can I borrow your phone?”

I fucking died. And the best part was when the cops came, nothing really could be done. I had never seen him before, the cameras aren’t great here, and he paid cash.

Doing that to someone’s phone may not be right, but in this case, I get it.

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