I Wouldn’t Feed This To The Homeless.

So I’m at a friend’s restaurant for lunch, and this guy at the bar is complaining about a dish, using the word “bland” multiple times like it’s a weapon he can use to cause pain, he seems to think it gives him power. Conversely, I doubt he really knows what it means, and unless he brought this food from elsewhere, there is likely no chance the dish is actually bland.

(Hint, it’s not, I was having the same fucking thing, and have had it multiple times before)

So the owner walks over, offers to get him a new serving. Nope. New meal. No. He just wants to complain. Because words give him power. Hopefully they give him a quicker path to an aneurysm, but I doubt I’d be lucky enough to catch that.

Dude just wants to complain, and he goes “I wouldn’t serve this to a homeless person!”

And with the counterattack of a warrior and a not even one-second delay the owner goes “well, yes, you strike me as someone who believes the homeless don’t deserve to eat.”

Talk about seeing someone deflate, and fast. I mean, just quiet. The wife looks at him, muttered something. Can’t tell, seemed to rhyme with “you have a small cock.”

Shit… maybe that’s what she said.

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