I’m Always Right, Aye.

From a page member:

So, I’m tending bar in upstate New York and this Canadian woman is just being a complete cunt everyone. Jumping into any and all conversations, basically disagreeing with you if you said 2+2 =4.

Well, one of my favorite regulars, Mel, this little old man who sits at my bar and drinks scotch and milk finally pipes up and say:

“I thought Canadians were supposed to be polite?”

She replied: “I guess not all of us, aye?”

Mel sort of ponders this for a second and then takes a sip from his drink and finally replies:

“I guess not. I was told all Canadian women were pretty, so I guess that was a lie too. “

Man, the whole bar died laughing, and the woman left everyone alone after that. I do feel bad, but I had no idea Mel could be so savage, so I guess don’t poke the evil little bear.

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