Did We Needed A Pandemic To Shop Local?

I’ve gotta say, it’s awesome to see all the sentiment towards shoppings local, and mom and pop, etc.

And I go to places (bars) based on which friends/regulars are working usually being the major factor. Because, you give the money to the people who give you money. So, if it means going to an occasional chain, fine. I’ll sip a $2 margarita special and leave a $20. And hell, some chains have fantastic food.

But, I’ve been on the support small business train for a really long time, and it’s not always an option for everyone. Stuff is cheaper at bigger chains, so not everyone can always/is budgeted to spend the little extra because some of our situations are less fortunate than others, and we all have shit go on that can throw wrenches in our financial plans.

So, again, I get it.

But, I’m also sad that it took a pandemic, and national crisis/shut down for people to realize that small business needs their money, and that you need to support the places with personality, and hard working owners, and a uniqueness that is lost is a lot of big business.

And that’s my Angry Ted Talk today.

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