Another Reason To Hate.

Why do you hate people so much?

Well, they act like this, for starters.

From a page member:

I wanted to share a story from couple of weeks ago. I work in a pub. Lots of craft beer, a good selection of gin, etc.

I forgot what a good tip means but I got used to that.

Now I’m pouring pints on a very busy Saturday night and this guy comes up to the bar and literally steals glasses right off my nose and runs for his life dropping them on the way somewhere in the pub.

Would you take a blind mans walking stick?

Would you steal a disabled man’s wheelchair?

I think not, so every person who tries to reach behind the bar from now on is going to get slapped in the hand.


Very hard.

Fortunately the glasses were found, because they are not cheap, and because I’m fucking blind without them.

I’ve lost the last bits of hope for humanity that day. Have good day.

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