Please Excuse The Mask.

Public service announcement…

I’m not trying to be a a jerk, it’s really hard to go to work and be comfortable in a mask for hours, it’s hard to feel like things are okay, when they’re extremely weird.

If you’re sitting down in a restaurant, please, please tip your wait staff, you are taking up the very little seating we have to make money.

We are open because you wanted us to be.

Remember you had 2 and half months without our services and begged for it.

Also I love my job and am good at it, but if you aren’t making it worth my while I will find a new career and you will be stuck with people that aren’t as good.

Please be kind, courteous, and understanding right now, because things are difficult for the people working, we are endangering ourselves so you can have some of your normalcy back, remember that.

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