Random Thoughts

  • What to Judge People on?

    As always, the industry has taught me never to judge someone by their race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, their past mistakes, or how they dress....

  • Excuse me… Excuse Me… EXCUSE ME!!!

    Okay, how many times do I have to legally say “excuse me” and someone doesn’t move before I can just shove them, smash their head...

  • It’s A Dead Giveaway

    “I think if you ask for a straw with your draft beer, that’s basically saying ‘Hey, I’m not tipping you.'”

  • Duct Tape Fixes All

    This was short and sweet and so, so true: “Vodka is the duct tape of the bartending world.”

  • I Used To Have Teammates

    “I have coworkers. Coworkers come and go and generally can suck. I used to have teammates. I miss working with my team.”

  • Friday!!!

    Everyone not in the industry: “Yes! It’s Friday!” Me: “Fuck. Fuck. Where’s the moon? Fuck. What’s the moon going to look like? Is it really...

  • Two Types Of Coworkers

    There are two types of coworkers: – People who over-stock because they know it’s easier to bring something back at the end of the night...