As you may have noticed there are some “Tip the TAB” buttons that have been placed where the ads used to appear on the webpage.

I can not stand ads when they take over, or pop-up, etc. when you are trying to read a website. The unfortunate reality is that the most successful ones are the annoying ones like that. So, instead of having ads pop out and annoy you, I’ve decided to leave the option to “Tip the TAB” up instead. I believe it’s better for all of us.

If you don’t want to do so, that is totally fine. I’ll still be posting, as normal, on each form of social media and here, as much as I can. But if you’d like to say thank you for any sort of enjoyment, or laughs, or anything from the content I’ve put it, I have decided to let people.

The reality is that this does take a lot of my time, so not only would I appreciate feeling I was able to justify that, it would help me free up some time and help me get even more content out there.

Plus, there is no way to see each and every one of you, but if you ever wanted to buy me a drink or shot, well, here’s a chance to do that.The amount options are $2, $3, and $5. I couldn’t justify $1, basically because the transaction fee would eat it up. You can also do them in multiples, but though every dollar helps, is appreciated, and obviously welcome, please do not go crazy.

If you’d like to make it a more consistent “tip”, I can suggest my Patreon page,, where you can sign up for( and they are really affordable options) your choice of patronage level, and in exchange you’ll get some of my favorite stories from here, as well as more in-depth accounts of a lot of my stories, some much more personal details about my work, and personal (to a point) life, and some videos and stuff I don’t post anywhere else.

A functioning example of the tip buttons is below this, but you can find them on each page, story and post on this website. On the right if you’re on a computer or scroll down if you’re on a mobile device. And I do feel I’ve done my best to keep them unobtrusive as can be.

Thank you, and as always, Stay Angry.


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