Tips to Support the Community

As you may have noticed there are some “The Angry Bartender Community Upkeep Fund” payment buttons that have been placed where the ads used to appear on the webpage. I have decided to go with this option for the time being, in lieu of any type of ads on here or ads on the Facebook page.

The website here is a great archive of what has been done on Facebook, and the Facebook page serves as the backbone for everything because of the way everyone is able to communicate and engage each other. We have a freedom to say, maybe not everything we’d like to, but for the most part it is ideal, works great, and is the best option for us, by far, in terms of flexibility and ease of use.

Now, I prefer transparency, so I will simply put it. I hate ads. I read a lot of articles online and there is nothing that is more annoying than clicking a link and have 2 different ads pop up, or before I can finish the article (or sometimes instead of going to the article) I’m magically whisked off to some website selling something that I definitely don’t want to be at.

So, basically I have decided to allow a fund option from the page members. The payments will go to, first, pay for any costs needed for here (web hosting, things of that nature, etc) and, second, to help free up a little time – and maybe add some help – so that the page runs as efficiently, if not more, as ever.

You can look at it as a fund to help something you use and enjoy regularly, you can look at it as a tip, hell, people have said many of times they’d like to buy me a beer or a shot, well now is your chance, but in a slightly more helpful way to me (while giving my liver a rest).

So, if you can, and would like to, help, feel free. If you don’t, not a problem, the Facebook page will always be open and public, and I will try and keep it running for as long as I can. I will say that as the time I need to dedicate to this has increased exponentially and something has to give, and you realize how important free time could be, so the current plan is to keep everything free and open, but the reality that I may need to make the website a subscription based entity that will have stories/pictures/etc. that the Facebook page will not. If that happens, and you do make a payment before that happens, you will have any funding that you’ve paid in transferred over into a subscription credit for more than you’ve paid in. Some people already will definitely just have a lifetime free login.

A functioning example of the payment buttons is below this, but you can find them on each page, story and post on this website. On the right if you’re on a computer or scroll down if you’re on a mobile device.

Thank you, and as always, Stay Angry.


TAB Community Upkeep Fund