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  • Carry The One!

    The reality is they probably meant to leave $21.50, but really no one will know for sure.

  • Yeah, This Clearly Means…

  • Common Core Math?

    I can usually use drunk logic and pretend these make sense, or at least explain how an idiot would make it total… But this one,...

  • Carry The Five And…

    Well what they meant was… You just take the 8 and add 5… and I have no fucking clue.

  • I Don’t Think It Works That Way.

    I see what you wanted to do… But that doesn’t necessarily help me.

  • What Would You Do?

    When the guy is an asshole and an idiot too, you have to stop and ask yourself… “What would Jesus do?”

  • A Wonderful Tip Either Way…

    Now, they went with that total, which honestly you always should. A great tip regardless, I’m just curious what they truly meant to do here.