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  • So Brave.

    If he only had the guts to say it to her face. I bet he Yelps too.

  • Your Ex Sucks.

       I got this slip the other night. Apparently since this guy hates my ex (join the club), my tip suffers? Uhhh… Thanks.

  • It is 20%. Also, Hail Satan.

    Look, 20% is 20%. Some people are sticklers for tipping exactly this percent, or exactly that percent. They will not deviate from it, even if...

  • Oh… And This Clearly Says…

    I see a lowercase A and E… maybe an N… I think the tip line is in Greek… or is that Latin?

  • Were You In A Hurry?

    Another handwriting expert was called in on this one and has decided that the signer suffers from too many hugs from their uncle.

  • Merry Christmas You Filthy…

    For a tip of over 100%… call me whatever you’d like. Oh, and Happy New Year you funny little twat-monkey.

  • You Sound Like An Asshole.

    And you tip like a fucking asshole. By the way, flattery will get you absolutely nothing.

  • I Need A Translator…

    I’m usually really good with these, but this one is just too hard. I see a “you” a “never” and maybe a “Beth”… Tell you...

  • Carry The One!

    The reality is they probably meant to leave $21.50, but really no one will know for sure.

  • A College Bar Do-Over.

    This was sent in from a bartender in a college town. They said it’s great when the cheap kids go and get jobs and come...

  • Yeah, This Clearly Means…

  • Is That A Dick?

    If that is supposed to be a self-portrait of this guy’s dick… He may need to see a doctor.

  • Well, The Tip Equals Their Common Sense.

    A waste of space with a waste of a vote.

  • The Negative Tip.

    So long story short, I was the only bartender at opening at a small college bar. We normally don’t get busy till late at night....

  • The Baller.

    This is the “I want to pay for my whole group. Whoa! You charged me for everything?!?”

  • Hats Off.

    I take my hat off during the national anthem as a sign of respect. This note was appreciated. Good tip as well.

  • Common Core Math?

    I can usually use drunk logic and pretend these make sense, or at least explain how an idiot would make it total… But this one,...

  • Carry The Five And…

    Well what they meant was… You just take the 8 and add 5… and I have no fucking clue.