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  • First Thief Of The New Year

    Well, I think the proper exit term for this bitch is “Keep the change you filthy animal.”

  • You Aren’t Owed Shit. P.S. You’re A Thief.

    P.S. That’s theft of service. I would have made them pay and leave, or I’d call the cops. I love sending people to jail.

  • At Least I Can Count My Money.

    So, guy comes up, gets a beer… “It’s $3.50.” He counts out some dollar bills, “Keep the change!” Thinks he gives me $4, I count...

  • Instant Karma at it’s Best.

    I had a drunk chick swipe a bottle of grenadine and chug it in front of me. She got as far as saying, “Ha ha,...

  • You’re a Thief and an Idiot.

    So I understand that there are plenty of scumbags in the world who, upon stumbling into an understaffed bar, will capitalize on any opportunity to...